Health & Wellbeing

Our Health Practice also includes various natural health modalities that work with traditional medicines such as homeopathic remedies, both Western and Eastern herbs, as well as nutritional support through vitamin and mineral supplements and diet. These modalities are all holistic in nature and work on an individualised basis. Our experienced practitioners are here to meet you wherever you may be on your health and wellness journey, guide your wellbeing to a state of wholeness and bring overall harmony to your body and mind.


Homeopathy is a gentle yet effective natural form of medicine used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. The holistic nature of homeopathy means each person is treated as a unique individual and their body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered in the management and prevention of disease. 


During a homeopathic consultation, you may expect the practitioner to ask you a variety of in depth questions that explore your personal medical and family history, both your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as your individual modalities that express the uniqueness of you. Taking all these factors into account, the practitioner will select the most appropriate homeopathic medicine based on the individuals’ specific symptoms and personal level of health to stimulate their own healing ability. The practitioner may also make nutritional and lifestyle suggestions to assist in your healing.   


The wonderful thing about homeopathic medicines is that they are suitable during every phase of life, including newborns, children, the elderly, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Homeopathy is also a modality that compliments other natural modalities well, including modern medicine. So wherever you may be in your healing journey, homeopathy can assist you towards wellness.   

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient form of medicine that recognises that each individual responds to dis-ease differently. It is based on the notion that the body’s vital energy (Qi) circulates through channels, called meridians that have branches connected to various parts and functions of the body. TCM is now widely used around the world and is also beginning to be recognised as an adjunct to modern medicine. 


During a TCM consultation you can expect the practitioner to ask you a variety of questions that pertain to your physical and mental wellbeing, examine both your pulse and tongue from a TCM perspective and use external physical examination to assess the body. With that in mind, the practitioner tailors a treatment program specific to each individual that may include herbs, acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion and nutrition. 


TCM can be used alongside other modalities as well as a complement to modern medicine treatment.   


Below are some but absolutely not all the fertility themes that Neuroenergetic Kinesiology can provide support for.  


Fears about conception/not conceiving: "I don't know if I can conceive..."

Relationship difficulties in preparing for conception: "They won't change their lifestyle to conceive...", they don't want kids and I do..."

Fears about giving birth and being prepared for the unknown: "I'm scared..."

Trauma following birth: "My birth didn't go as I expected..."

Recovery from Labour: "I've lost a lot of blood...I feel sad, angry, tired..."

Ongoing support: Whilst pregnant for hormonal, digestive and immune changes. 


Working with the Partner not pregnant:

Fears about being the support person in labour: "I don't know if I can communicate our birth plan..."

Fears about being a parent: "I don't know if I'm ready..."

Emotional responses following birth: "I feel I can't do anything right..."I don't feel connected to our baby..."


Other themes that Neuroenergetic Kinesiology can assist with are:


Digestive issues: Bloating, pain, reaction to parasites, constipation, diarrhoea. Food Intolerances.

Hormonal issues: Premenstrual tension, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, delayed cycles, exhaustion prior to or after menstrual bleeding.

Immune issues: Autoimmune, thyroid issues, reoccurring illnesses. 

Respiratory issues: Colds, hayfever, snoring. 

Skin issues: Acne, eczema, hives.

Sleep issues: Insomnia, needing too much sleep, night shifts. 

Weight management: Food issues.


Life path: Blocks with a career path, finding your soul work. Motivation and finding your inspiration. Understanding your reward pathways.

Relationship difficulties: Work, personal, intimate. 


Ultimately Neuroenergetic Kinesiology can work with any issue to support you to find your obstacles and release them.



How will I feel after?

Neuroenergetic kinesiology works differently in each person and so the effects can vary. Occasionally you may feel very drowsy for a brief period after. Occasionally you may experience a gentle release of emotions, this may occur on the table or after. This emotional release is often a relief to experience and many clients have responded positively to this. Occasionally you may feel energised and excited about the changes within your being and ready to charge back into the world. 


Whatever your response, Beth will be available to guide you through this and to provide ongoing support. 

Counselling Services

Individual Counselling for anxiety, depression, grief & loss, life transitions, stress management 

Pregnancy, birth counselling & birth debriefing, transition to parenting, parenting support

General Counselling

Counselling provides a supportive, safe and collaborative environment to help address everyday stress, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and life transitions through clarifying issues, exploring options, and developing strategies.  Counselling can assist in developing greater awareness, clarity and perspective in decision making, deepening understanding of yourself and your relationships with others, and provide relief from negative emotions and old patterns of relating.   Sue offers a non-judgemental approach founded on empathy and respect for individual circumstances and utilises an integrative approach that includes mindfulness and emotion focused strategies.  She practices within the stringent ethical guidelines of her professional bodies to ensure safe practice.

Pregnancy and Birth Counselling

Pregnancy and birth signifies profound changes both physically and emotionally.   A difficult journey to becoming pregnant, the physical adaptations of pregnancy, and outcomes of the birth experience can profoundly affect a woman’s ability to connect with the joy of being pregnant and subsequent bonding with her baby.

These changes affect a woman individually but also within a partnership.  Unexpected feelings and emotions may develop that can be difficult to understand and process.  Past mental health concerns or childhood experiences may re-emerge and intensify.   A woman’s sense of self, beliefs and values may be challenged and may also reveal or heighten difficulties within interpersonal relationships.

A history of depression or anxiety may predispose women to perinatal anxiety and depression.  Counselling support during pregnancy and post-birth can bring greater awareness and assist to heal old patterns of relating that may affect your birthing and parenting experiences.  It can assist to expand and improve the significant relationships in your life as you adapt to the changes associated with becoming a parent.

Counselling services are available at Mana Health Practice, Preston on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Please contact Sue to book via email or phone 0413189864 or if you have any questions about the counselling services she offers.

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