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Mana’s Health practice is a space for deep healing. Incorporating experienced and passionate practitioners that specialize in a combination of bodywork, natural health modalities and the wisdom of ancient traditions in the application of our modern lifestyles. Our practitioners will assess your current condition and will design a treatment plan that is unique to you.    

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What People Say

- Evie -

"Jodyann is clearly so experience in multiple forms of massage therapy. When I see her I feel like I am being treated at all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, soulful. I feel very held by her presence and touch, and she intuitively knows when to go deep or be gentle and allow my body to come back to a place of rest. I love that she blends all her modalities together to exactly what I need on the day. I highly recommend her services to anyone, especially Kahuna, which I consider the best all-round healing massage out there!" 

- Nada -

"Thank you Sue Lee!! I'm so looking forward to another treatment. Subtle, profound, strong and with true mana and integrity. I'm blissed and clear. Your studio is so beautiful, a true sanctuary. Thank you for the words of wisdom, the insight, knowing what i needed without me saying anything!!! This is high level healing work. EXQUISITE"

- Anna -

"I see Jodyann here and highly recommend her. She's very experienced and skilled, and her massages contain a balance of nurturing, relaxation and lasting benefit to injuries or sore spots. Mana is also a lovely, calm little sanctuary to escape the world for a time."

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