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If you're used to forceful bodywork treatments, Ortho-Bionomy feels revolutionary. Its first principle recognizes your body as whole and self-healing.

Ortho-Bionomy was developed by Canadian osteopath and Judo master, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls. Pauls was inspired during his osteopathic training in England to develop techniques that would initiate change by stimulating the body's own healing processes while avoiding the high-velocity thrust techniques and force manipulations commonly used. His studies in Judo and ancient healing practices also taught him the value of going with the body's flow instead of opposing it.


Ortho-Bionomy is therefore based on principles of non-force, non-judgement, less is more and allowing the body to change at its own pace. By doing less 'to' your body we support it to find its own way back to natural postural balance as the foundation for authentic wellbeing.

This approach is designed to find what will activate your body's self-healing reflexes with the minimum amount of 'input' from the practitioner, thereby avoiding the use of deep pressure on painful trigger points or over-stretching of tight, sore muscles and joints.


By focusing on comfort and functionality we can create a physical and emotional sense of safety, ease and relaxation, allowing your nervous system to switch out of fight/flight and into rest/reset. The more often this happens, the less pain, tension and stress you'll have.


Far from being the 'soft option', this state shift allows your body to heal and correct itself at a deep level. In addition to being surprised by the often rapid pain relief, clients report better sleep, easier and more fluid movement, more energy for work and play, more self-compassion and even more kindness towards others.


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