Postnatal Care

Post Birth Massage

Once a mother has given birth, however she birthed her child, now is the time to honour her, to nourish, nurture and cradle both her body and mind. Wrapping the Bones is an ancient massage that honours a mothers belly and hips. During this treatment, warm oil is used to gently massage the mothers’ body and then a shawl is used to wrap her pelvis. This massage not only closes the pelvis that opens during pregnancy and birth but also closes the circle of pregnancy and childbirth. It is not only a beautiful and important bodywork but also a sacred ceremony and ritual to honour this transition of the mother. This massage is ideally performed soon after childbirth but has also been healing at a later time. 

Treatments in the comfort of your own home in the early days post birth 

Home visits for post natal massage or shiatsu can be  arranged via appointment directly with Sue on 0401283197 


Mums and Bubs Yoga

Mums and bubs yoga is a weekly space to fill your own well and re-centre. The practice supports mother and baby bonding and is a way to spend time with other mums in your area. The practice focuses on strengthening and stabilising the core and pelvic floor, and opening the shoulders and upper back.

Each session is held with the babies on the mothers mat. There are opportunities to playfully interact with your baby during the yoga positions. We may massage the babies, tickle them, chant, sing or rock them.At any time you are welcome to attend to your baby by rocking, feeding or changing them in the studio. Each class completes with a guided relaxation and short, seated meditation. please see our yoga page for bookings 

Counselling Services

  • Individual Counselling for anxiety, depression, grief & loss, life transitions, stress management 

  • Pregnancy, birth counselling & birth debriefing, transition to parenting, parenting support

Counselling services are available at Mana Health Practice, Preston on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Please contact Sue to book via email or phone 0413189864 or if you have any questions about the counselling services she offers.

Pregnancy and Birth Counselling

Pregnancy and birth signifies profound changes both physically and emotionally. A difficult journey to becoming pregnant, the physical adaptations of pregnancy, and outcomes of the birth experience can profoundly affect a woman’s ability to connect with the joy of being pregnant and subsequent bonding with her baby.

These changes affect a woman individually but also within a partnership.  Unexpected feelings and emotions may develop that can be difficult to understand and process.  Past mental health concerns or childhood experiences may re-emerge and intensify.   A woman’s sense of self, beliefs and values may be challenged and may also reveal or heighten difficulties within interpersonal relationships.

A history of depression or anxiety may predispose women to perinatal anxiety and depression.  Counselling support during pregnancy and post-birth can bring greater awareness and assist to heal old patterns of relating that may affect your birthing and parenting experiences.  It can assist to expand and improve the significant relationships in your life as you adapt to the changes associated with becoming a parent.

Pregnancy Yoga
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