Sue Lee

Kundalini Yoga & Prenatal Yoga

0401 283 197

Sue Lee treats holistically and brings together a range of modalities that create a unique treatment for each of her clients.

Drawing upon her knowledge and experience gained working over many years with vibrational medicine as a registered Homeopath, Sue combines techniques from the ancient practices of Shiatsu, KaHuna massage and yoga to intuitively bring in what each individual client needs at the time. With over 20 years' experience in bodywork, Sue draws from many disciplines including remedial techniques, hot stone therapy, shiatsu, cupping and stretching. Sue also has specialist knowledge in treating children and she holds a Degree in Early Childhoodas well as a Bachelor of Health Science in Homeopathy. In addition, Sue is a qualified Kundalini Yoga and Prenatal Yoga teacher and is the founder and owner of Ili Ili Stones(hot stone massage training).


JodyAnn Van Keulen

Tuesdays 10am-8pm

0407 253 721

JodyAnn has been practicing remedial massage therapy for 16 years and Hawaiian Kahuna Hot Stone (ili ili stones) massage for 10 years. Other modalities include cupping, dry needling, myofacial release and prescription exercise. Pregnancy massage, post birth care and oncology massage are also available.

Treatments with JodyAnn can range from clinical injury treatment all the way to deeply healing KaHuna body and breathwork, or somewhere in between the two!

JodyAnn is available at Mana on Tuesdays.

Rebates from private health funds and gift vouchers with JodyAnn are available.

JodyAnn is also a member of Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA).


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