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Jo Askham Birth Doula

Jo Askham

Doula and bringer of community to life and birth through support, events, knowledge, and advocacy. Jo moonlights in the day as a student, website concocter, administrative consultant, and organises a broad range of birth and family events, camps, workshops, yoga, and support circles.

Jo’s passion lies in supporting optimal birth experiences and outcomes. She has had three babies of her own whose arrivals took her on a journey through a hospital birth and the process of two planned home births.  After a fully managed pregnancy and birth in the United States, she knew there must be some other way to better the 'production-line' birth experience and she discovered there was.

This discovery lead her to realise that woman striving for a natural birth are in a better position to achieve this outcome if they trust in their body and its natural ability to give birth. They are also empowered with the knowledge to make necessary choices along the way in a system that may not embrace the same ideas. Being well informed and feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually supported in the pregnancy and during the birth process leads to greater birth fulfilment however that journey looks.

As a doula since 2002, Jo has gained experience in homes, hospitals & birth centres, family & sibling involvement, single mothers, same sex couples, a variety of ethnic & cultural backgrounds, inductions, VBACs, and C-sections.

All of the above and a continued passion for birth knowledge help her feel confident to assist birthing families find their power to have the best birth possible. She knows this outcome is achieved by working closely with individual situations, personal connections, and intuition.

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