Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes many physical and emotional changes. Some of these changes can cause discomfort in the physical body, while others may effect sleep, increase stress or disturb emotional balance. A prenatal massage is a wonderful way to relieve many of the physical discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as backache, leg cramps, oedema, circulation, general muscle tension, headaches, as well as reducing stress, promoting sleep, emotional balance and general wellbeing. A prenatal massage uses techniques that are  effective for each stage, specific positioning of the body, the assistance of body pillows and extra padding, all aimed at keeping the safety and wellbeing of the mother and baby.


A massage during pregnancy can help to relax the physical body and increase the good hormones that will help to support labor. This is a beautiful way to nurture and nourish yourself and your baby during this important time. The practitioners at Mana have taken specialised training in prenatal massage and offer a unique treatment that encompasses their extensive experience in bodywork.

Induction massage available 

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