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Prenatal  Care

When a woman gives birth, she not only births a baby but also herself as a mother. In this journey, a deep transformation occurs that requires acknowledgement, celebration and honoring. Across time and still in many cultures, it required the support and wisdom of other women who would assist the mother to be, to find her inner power in her transformation from maiden to mother. 


At Mana we specialise in supporting women through all of the transitions of becoming a mother, from fertility and conception, to pregnancy, birth and post birth. We believe that supporting a woman through all of these phases enhances the wellbeing of the pregnancy, the birth, the baby and the mother. It is our intention that by providing this wholesome service, that women feel confident and empowered in their body and informed in their options and choices in order to enhance their possibility of a natural birth. We hope to instill within you the resources to take your journey into motherhood with courage, trust and confidence. 

The experienced and passionate practitioners at Mana offer a variety of modalities that grow with you on your journey. A therapeutic approach that combines supporting the physical body together with emotional and psychological preparation. Using natural health modalities such as Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodywork therapies such as Massage and Mizan Abdominal Therapy, specialised techniques such as Spinning Babies and post birth Closing the Bones, birth support through our Doula service, as well as group and one on one Prenatal Yoga and Birth Classes. Whatever stage of this magnificent transformation you may be on, we are here to support and nourish you through it and warmly welcome you into our Health Practice and Yoga Studio space. 

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Birth Skills Workshop

This 7-hour Birth skills workshop runs over 2 days and is designed for you (and your partner / birth team) to have to some real skills in supporting you through labour. We focus on your incredible birthing body, caring for your body through labour and birth and practical skills to make giving birth easier. 

We also have the very experienced Joelleen Winduss Paye, a holistic Lactation Consultant, Midwife, Naturopath & Educator, from JWP, a holistic breastfeeding service, to come and talk about skills to set you up for breastfeeding success. Joelleen will discuss the practicalities like positioning for effective breastfeeding and skin to skin cuddling benefits. Also the idea of mentally preparing for this new skill and commitment of feeding your baby, in a similar way your are preparing for your labour and birth.

We will cover other practical skills for labour which include: 

  • Specific movements to support the different stages of labour.

  • Partner skills to help your body to release and relax.

  • Pushing techniques to help protect your perineum.

  • When to go to hospital and how to navigate the hospital system whilst in labour.

  • Preparing for life after birth - setting yourself up for healing and recovery during the fourth trimester.

  • Preparing your heart and mind for the long hours involved in successful breastfeeding.

Birth and early motherhood are inherently physical experiences. It’s vital you care for your body, whilst giving birth and caring for your baby. The way you give birth is influenced by your physiology, your hormones, how safe you feel, the ability of your body to let go of tension, and the way you move your body. The way you give birth will impact your postpartum experience and well beyond into motherhood.

Set yourself up to feel respected, supported and held during birth.

Bring awe and reverence to your incredible birthing body.


Feel nurtured and nourished as you journey into motherhood.


We want you to leave birth with a healthy baby, as a healthy mama, with a body that heals, and a very full heart.


Your Incredible Birthing Body workshop will help you learn what needs to happen in your body for your baby to be born. And what you can do to best support the birth process, for your body and your baby.

Taught by Sue Lee and Sophie Jeffries - two doulas, bodyworkers, movement professionals, birth nerds, and fierce supporters of Mothers.


My partner and I recently attended a birth preparation class with Sue. It was absolutely fantastic! I cannot speak highly enough of Sue and her experience. Sue is a wealth of knowledge and understanding. She shared valuable information that has empowered us both for the birthing journey.

Sue was able to equip my partner with tools, techniques and confidence to be able to play an active part in labour.

During the session Sue was warm and welcoming and open to any and all questions we had.

I would really recommend the Birth Prep class with Sue and also her wonderful prenatal yoga sessions!

Thanks Sue!

-Victoria Khalighi

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Practical Skills for Birth

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What People Say

- Kirstie -

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Pre-natal Yoga classes that I attended before the birth of our son! I got so much out of my time spent with you and much of your  words and wisdom filtered through when I was labouring and giving birth. I used many of the positions that I learnt from you during all the stages of labour and gave birth to my baby "on all fours" with no pain relief an no tearing or anything! Yay! He is almost 5 weeks now. He weighed 3.24kg and we are all doing well.

Thanks again - and I will tell any pregnant friends or family that your classes made the pregnancy and birth quite enjoyable!"

- Cindy Lee -

"A very special lady with healing hands. Homeopathy, massage and hot stone therapy. Pre natal yoga classes are very special."

-Jane Alford -

"Sue's classes incorporate a wonderful balance of practical skills for active birthing and relaxation.

This is my second pregnancy and I'm pleased to be learning new tips and postures to assist with making my next birth as successful as possible.


Sue has a gentle and open approach, while providing key information to ensure that participants are informed about birth choices and processes.


I certainly feel as though I've benefited from Sue's classes and have an even deeper understanding of how to be an active participant in my upcoming birthing experience.”

- Meg -

I was so thrilled when my partner suggested we get a doula to help us out during birth and immediately thought to ask my prenatal yoga teacher Sue Lee if she knew of anyone that would be good. Amazingly, she suggested herself!

I’d been attending her prenatal classes as often as I could and loved the way she wove lots of little titbits of birthing wisdom in amongst the stretches and meditations. I also felt her strong, calm presence, and wasn’t surprised when the three of us met for a coffee my partner felt it too.

Sue came and visited us in our home a couple of weeks before I was due and talked to us about our wishes for the birth. She was a font of knowledge and gave us lots to think about that we hadn’t even considered, as well as helped us set up a ‘nest’ where I could labour at home, and taught Josh some easy techniques he could use with me to help support our baby into the best position leading up to birth.

When some issues were picked up at my 39 week appointment Sue was instrumental. I think we rang her half a dozen times over the few days we were in and out of hospital and sent umpteen texts. Sue always responded by providing us knowledge on a composed and steady manner, empowering us to make decisions. We came home one night resigned to the fact that we would head back into hospital the following day for an induction. When I awoke the next day I noticed that Sue had sent me a message saying ‘is it ok if I come over at 9:30?’ She gave me a delicious massage on my bed and Josh and I set out for hospital feeling ready to meet our baby.  

When it was time, Sue arrived quickly and helped to maintain a relaxed yet confident tone for the birth space. The way she was able to combine her multitude of skills related to birthing wisdom was incredibly helpful. While my partner and I worked as a team, Sue assisted from the side, switching between gently rubbing my lower back, suggesting a new position that would support our baby’s descent, offering me calming homeopathic remedies and reminding me to ‘drop in’ and remember my breath. Despite being induced, this extra support allowed me to engage fully with the labour process without pain medication, and a mere six hours later our beautiful baby boy, Jack, came rollicking into the world. 

A couple of weeks later, fragile with hormones and emotions and a lack of sleep I made my first venture out into the world without Jack, and straight to Mana. It felt truly nourishing to be held by Sue as she lead a ‘closing the bones’ ceremony, completing our powerful birth work. 

We are so grateful for all Sue has given us. She will always have a special place in our son’s life, and our family home. 

What People Say

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