Mana is a multidisciplinary health practice and yoga space that was created to support the strengthening of health through all the phases and transitions of life. 


Offering a range of holistic modalities, the experienced practitioners at Mana provide an individualised and integrated approach to treating health conditions and restoring wellness. We see people through all stages of life, bringing in ancient wisdom together with modern progress from a variety of healing arts to help you come back to a state of wellbeing.  


With a special interest in women’s reproductive health, pre and postnatal transitions, Mana also offers a wide range of modalities for women’s fertility, conception, journeying through pregnancy and birth, postnatal rebalancing and healing through pregnancy loss.   


Mana was also created as a sacred space that hosts regular yoga and prenatal yoga classes, special workshops and events, sound healings, and much more, that honor and support the cycles of life. 


Located on Plenty Road in Preston, Mana is a hub for supporting the community through holistic treatment, nutrition, yoga and meditation. 


We look forward to welcoming you.    

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