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Mizan Abdominal Therapy

Mizan Therapy uses traditional reproductive healing techniques to gently guide the reproductive organs back into their place. When the womb is in her optimum position, she no longer restricts the circulatory flow of blood, lymph, nerves and qi energy. Mizan benefits our physical health, restoring circulation and lymphatic drainage by relieving congestion and blockages. It can ease muscles and fascia tightened by tension and emotion. Mizan Therapy may help many digestive issues, improve immunity (as up to 70% of our immune system is located in the gut), chances of fertility and emotional health. Mizan therapy is also suitable during pregnancy. This therapy may also be helpful with scar tissue after surgery such as hysterectomy, caesarean section and abdominal surgery.

Benefits of Mizan Therapy

  • Mizan increases the circulation to reproductive organs, i.e. the uterus, the ovaries and the fallopian tubes, which helps to promote hormonal balance

  • It helps to reposition a misaligned uterus, which itself helps to increase circulation of blood, lymph, nervous system and qi

  • Cleanses the body of any toxic build-up from congested circulatory systems

  • Helps to break down scar tissue

  • Aids the digestive system to be more efficient which then removes and prevents toxic build-up in the body and enhances the immune system

  • Helps women to connect with their womb space



Benefits of Mizan Therapy for specific conditions

Menstrual difficulties:


  • Repositions the uterus

  • Balances the hormonal system

  • Enables the uterus to cleanse herself of old blood, including clots

  • Increases blood circulation to the uterus

  • Reduces toxicity and inflamed tissues, which eases pain

  • Eases stress, anxiety and emotional trauma that can lead to irregular cycles

Fibroids, polyps, endometriosis:

  • Repositions the uterus, making menstruation more efficient

  • Promotes hormonal balance and feedback between the uterus and ovaries

  • Encourages rich, oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs

  • Breaks down scar tissue and adhesions

  • Strengthens the liver to enhance metabolism of hormones


  • Rebalances the hormonal system and helps the feedback system between the reproductive organs

  • Clears congestion

  • Brings rich, oxygenated blood to the ovaries

Fallopian tubes:

  • Helps to reduce inflammation

  • Can break up scar tissue within the fallopian tubes

  • Can eliminate fluid build up in the fallopian tubes

Egg and sperm health:

  • Brings rich, oxygenated blood to the ovaries and testes

  • Can increase the quality and quantity of sperm

  • Can increase libido

Digestive troubles:

  • A relaxed diaphragm helps the digestion of food

  • Helps speed up the elimination of waste through the digestive system

  • Releases trapped wind and bloating

  • Promotes bowel movements to eliminate waste and prevent the body from re-absorbing toxins means for elimination

  • Eases stress for a more relaxed digestive system

  • Helps to increase confidence in intuition – that gut feeling

Emotional trauma:

  • Helps the body to let go of past trauma

  • Eases stress and anxiety


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