Lisa McPherson

Lisa McPherson

Mondays 8am-2pm,

Wednesdays 1pm-6.30pm 

Lisa is delighted to be a part of Mana Health Practice and contribute to building a strong and healthy community.

She is a registered Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and shiatsu therapist. Lisa is well known in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, having been in clinical practice since 1988 and with more than two decades of experience teaching Chinese medicine. She is renowned for her diagnostic skills and strong rapport with her clients. She treats all conditions with a particular interest in chronic illness, gynecology, and immune disorders.

Lisa uses the highest quality powdered herbs from Taiwan and Japan that have undergone rigorous heavy metal testing. She also uses Japanese moxibustion. Lisa is registered with AHPRA, and rebates for Chinese Herbal medicine and shiatsu therapy are available depending on the health fund.

Chinese Medicine 


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