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Yoga & Pilates

The self nourishment you need

Nourishing the Self
Yoga & Meditation

Come and join Sue for an evening yoga series - Nourishing the Self - suitable for everyone.


An evening class with a blend of the transformative practices of Kundalini Yoga and Restorative Hatha.

This series is designed to build and strengthen the nervous system.


In each session, we will utilise  breath-work, and meditation techniques drawn from Kundalini Yoga, empowering you to awaken your inner vitality and embrace your innate potential.  

Complementing this, our Restorative Hatha practices will offer deep rest and rejuvenation.


Motherbody Pilates

Come and join us for an eight week deep dive into core recovery and functional strength! This is Pilates specifically for the needs of your very incredible postpartum Motherbody!


Motherbody Pilates will help you bridge the gap between the early postpartum recovery period with no core rehab and feeling a bit tight but squishy at the same time. And return to exercise or 'back to normal' daily activities and feeling connected and strong in your body again.

 Term 3 tickets are on sale now.

Term 3 starts 15th July 2024.

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