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If you are looking to start using homeopathy at home for you and your family this kit is a great starter pack.


The top 10 remedy kit to have at home for lots of the common childhood illnesses and aches & pains.


The kit comes with the Jan Owen - Homeopathy for the Home Prescriber book.  A book to help you decide which remedy is best for your ailment, providing information and support with an introduction to how homeopathy came about and how dosage works. 


10 Remedy kit includes: 

1. Aconite 30C

2. Apis 30C

3. Arnica 30C

4. Ars alb 30c

5. Belladonna 30C

6. Chamomilla 30C

7. Ferrum phos 30C

8. Gelsemium 30C

9. Nux vomica 30C

10. Pulsatilla 30C

Homeopathy at Home Starter Kit - 10 Remedies

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